UN anti-graft investigator barred from re-entering Guatemala

Published 09-04-2018

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GUATEMALA CITY (AP) - The head of a U.N.-backed commission probing corruption in Guatemala has been barred from re-entering the country, days after President Jimmy Morales decided not to renew the body's mandate.

A government statement says Morales has communicated the decision to the U.N. secretary-general and asked for him to name a replacement for Ivan Velasquez.

Tuesday's statement calls Velasquez a person who "attacks public order and security," hurting governance, institutions, justice and peace in the country.

Morales announced last Friday that he would not renew the commission's mandate for another two-year term.

The commission known as CICIG for its initials in Spanish has pressed a number of high-profile graft investigations including against Morales and some of his associates.

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