Buffalo Wild Wings Now Offers Buy-1-Get-1-Free Wings Every Tuesday

Published 07-23-2019

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Buffalo Wild Wings' two-for-one wing deal is back from the dead, y'all. Every Tuesday night the chain is serving buy-one-get-one-free bone-in chicken wings starting now and continuing indefinitely. That's right: this Tuesday, next Tuesday and every Tuesday after that for the rest of your life.

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The fan-favorite promotion was nixed in 2017 due to a wing shortage that caused wholesale prices to skyrocket 20 percent. It was replaced with a less popular discount on boneless chicken. A few weeks later, the company was purchased by Roark Capital Group, which also owns Arby's and Sonic Drive-In under the umbrella Inspire Brands.

Two years later, #WingGate is over and it's back to your regularly scheduled Tuesday night programming. There are a couple limitations, however: The discount only applies to dine-in customers who order bone-in wings. Want boneless? Sorry pal. Trying to get something to go? Think again.

B-Dubs hasn't disclosed prices or order sizes for the revived BOGO deal, but free is free! Go get your chicken wings, people! If the bar is too packed or there's a line out the door, don't hesitate - rush to get America's best (not BOGO) chicken wings instead.

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