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We just returned from a partnership with a church where we spent 9 days working with young people and adults, teaching them different ways to improve as players and teams and how to build relationships through Futbol. Our staff and volunteers have offered to sacrifice a lot to reach coaches and athletes at all levels of sport in Guatemala. Guatemala was there and we have been involved in many problems in its Central American region, which affect its economy. They have offered the gangs a safe haven that gives them a sense of community safety, and they have offered football as a way to be part of a team and a community.

The frustrating thing about Guatemala is that the Guatemalan Futbol Federation does not care about money or make its connections happy, which means that it only gives rich kids in the city who have behaved opportunities because their parents know someone who matters. In Guatemala, a poor country, people who are not naturally good at football have no chance, even though they live far away from the big cities.

While some activities such as climbing are relatively new, Guatemala is well suited to this pursuit, while others, such as sail fishing, are well established.

Road cycling is also a fairly popular sport in Guatemala, where mountain roads offer unique challenges in strength and endurance. The country even has its own version of the Tour de France, known as the Tour de Guatemala or Guatemala Cycling Tour - the biggest cycling event in the world. Prominent athletes from Guatemala include football stars Carlos Ruiz and Gustavo Cabrera as well as Athletics stars Erick Torres and Juan Pablo Escobar, who won the 2012 Summer Games in London. Athletes who have stood out in 2019 will be honoured on December 7 as part of an 'Athletes Day'.

More than 5,000 people of all ages took part in the Olympic Day Run organized by the NOC Guatemala on June 24 in the Ciudad Deportes complex. We landed in Guatemala City at 2: 30 a.m. and were immediately loaded into three vans, one with our luggage and the other two with our team. After the market tour, our driver will take us to the airport in Guatemala City, where we will fly to Flores. In the afternoon we will fly to the airport Mundo Maya in Flores to fly to Guatemala City.

Our driver will pick us up at Guatemala City Airport and take us to our hotel in nearby Antigua for about 45 minutes. We will be picked up on our arrival in Guatemala City and taken to the beautiful city of Antigsua in 1 hour. Our driver and I will meet our driver at the Guatemalan Embassy in Mexico City, the capital of Guatemala, and take him to Guatemala City Airport.

This tiny town has only one street and it has a bad reputation because it had a bad reputation, so it is not worth stopping there. There is a Gatorade Arena on the outskirts of town, but you have to come from the north and wind through the hills.

In addition to its natural treasures, Guatemala also has some of the largest and most fascinating Mayan ruins found in Latin America. The most famous of these ruins is Tikal, which has become the most popular tourist destination in the world. After several earthquakes destroyed the old capital Antigua in Guatemala in 1773 and 1774, the capital of the Spanish colonial power Central America was moved there. Livingston is located just a few miles from Guatemala City, which has its own history, culture and history.

Since then, the country's football has been dominated by communities that have won 59 titles and won the Copa Centroamericana (World Cup) and CONCACAF Champions League. Guatemalan players have taken a prominent place in the international competitiveness of the national team. Guatemala City - Guatemala's clubs are dealing with players like Michael Umana, who played in two World Cups for Costa Rica. In the long run, football's growth in Guatemala depends on whether the sport can steal players from other sports that have traditionally attracted the nation's interest.

Morales Cobar said: 'We have applied unsuccessfully to the Confederacion Deportiva Autonoma de Guatemala (CDAG) several times. Over the past two years, N3XT Sports has worked very closely together to develop and implement a strategy for digital transformation.

The complex is open from May to August on Saturdays and from April to June on Sundays from 10 am to 5 pm.

Although not a typical Guatemalan game, football is the nation's most popular sport, with people of all ages playing against each other and only needing a ball and a court to play. The sport reached Guatemala at the end of the 19th century, when English sailors reached the American continent and began to play in the harbors they found. Professional football was introduced and mini-football games proved to be easy to play.

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More About Guatemala City