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Antigua, Guatemala, is home to some of the best restaurants, hotels and food tours in the world. While you can enjoy all kinds of international breakfast options, you should also try the local breakfast! Prices are rounded up by your preferred company in our Get a Guide to Guatemala City Food Tour Guide.

Guatemala sources vegetables and fruit grown in a particular season, but it also borrows from its Central American neighbors and adds its own unique attitude. The Central American country of Mexico has a say, and Guatemala has also had to deal with many local dishes, and add some of them. The staple food in Guatemala is corn and chili beans, so corn is expected to be the basis for much of Guatemala's traditional food. Whether you are a gourmet, vegetarian or just an occasional traveler interested in the local food scene, the Guatemalans have something for everyone.

For a good cup of coffee, try Guatemala City's eponymous Huehuetenango plantation, one of the best coffee farms in the world. For a good coffee experience, head to popular cafes such as El Cajon, El Pueblo and El Nacional. If you want to take a break from the hustle and bustle, you can't escape as Guatemala City is a transport hub, but it also acts like an active cultural life offering you many opportunities to spend your time here.

European influences have led to a variety of culinary styles, especially in places like Guatemala City and Antigua, and you will see plenty of evidence of this no matter where you are in Guatemala City. A favorite among locals is the Hacienda Real, but there are very few tourists in the city, which means you can also get a taste of life in Guatemala City.

This is a sophisticated establishment that serves sensational Guatemalan fusion cuisine in a warm, cozy atmosphere, with a bar, a mixologist and greenery. Guatemala City also has a number of restaurants run by US franchises, such as the famous El Cajon Restaurant and the popular El Pueblo de Guatemala.

Visiting the Mercado Central is one of the best activities and activities in Guatemala City, and a visit to Ambia for a delicious meal that will leave you breathless. This map is a list of spiritual charms - stunning and underrated attractions for anyone who visits Guatemala City to see when they get there. Be sure to take a trip to La Paz de Guadalajara or La Lis de Guatemala to learn more about some of the good things you can do, eat and don't have to eat when you come to Guatemala City.

The city of Antigua, Guatemala, is an important center of art, along with the cities of Guatemala and Quetzaltenango. We also found something not to be missed, including a list of the best restaurants in Guatemala City and the most underrated places in the country.

The size of the indigenous population there has greatly influenced the size and ability of the indigenous population, making the activities and food in Guatemala City an entertaining and immersive adventure inspired by Mayan traditions.

Guatemala City is a place where you can get lost in the sights, sounds and flavors that take you back to the past, present and future of Mayan culture in Guatemala. Pupusas are a great way for budget travelers to fill up, they are from El Salvador, but have been adopted by neighboring Guatemala as a bigger and cheaper way to fill up on the go. They are found everywhere in Guatemala and can be found in restaurants, hotels, bars, cafes, restaurants and even hotels and restaurants. Technically they are from El Salvador But they are everywhere in Guatemala, and so they have been part of Guatemalan cuisine for a long time.

Some of the most traditional Salvadoran foods are also produced in neighboring Guatemala and can be sold at street fairs and restaurants.

Mexican restaurants, you will find many of the same dishes as in your favorite Mexican restaurants. In the restaurants and street markets of Guatemala City, as well as in the street markets, there is a great variety of different kinds of food.

I always try to eat local cuisine, but what surprised me was the sheer variety of restaurants that exist. Overall, as you will see below, I enjoyed all the restaurants and cafes that included Guatemalan food. International cuisine is almost easy to find in Guatemala City, especially in the cafés, restaurants and the weekly markets. I was not surprised that I had eaten such international flavours in Guatemalan cuisine And it was almost easier than in Mexican cuisine.

There are actually a few restaurants in Antigua Guatemala called La Fonda de Calle Real, which are located in various locations in Guatemala City, but my favorite and original restaurant is the restaurant in La Zona Viva (Zone 10). The cuisine is typical of Guatemala, as most restaurants are owned or at least operated by local Guatemalans.

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